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$160,000 per month no product, no webpage


As we all know, search engines are becoming more complicated
by the day and competition is only growing.  Unfortunately,
for most people this means that we are going to have to bid
more for our a dvertisements and suffer lower a d rankings.

Well except for this guy…

I found a website by a guy named Steven Holdaway, who is a
Certified Google A dvertising Professional.  This is
something I have barely even heard of.  These professionals
are supposedly the elite of the elite and there are
currently less than 700 of them in the world.

That's not even what makes this guy stand out either.  This
guy makes over  $120,000/month online as an affiliate.
He uses his a dvanced a dvertising skills to turn regular
Google A dWords accounts into multi-million dollar accounts!

I know, at first I didn't believe this either.  That was
until I saw the proof on his webpage.  He ha d one screenshot
of his Google Account and in 14 days his a ds were shown to
over 38 million people and he ha d nearly 300,000 people
visit his website!  Get this, his average cost a click was
only  $0.08!  I'm paying nearly twice that and I'm no where
near 1% of the traffic he's receiving.

Well, as I was rea ding his website, I saw that you could
email him and the website says the he personally answers all
the emails himself.  So I decided to ask him about Google's
new a dvertising policy and how it affected his campaigns.  I
didn't get too excited about it because I knew he wouldn't
reply, but I checked my email later that night and he ha d
personally replied to my email.  He told me that the
a dvertising techniques contained in Google Money Pro were so
a dvanced and precise that the new policy change doesn't even
affect it.  Apparently this guy ha d solved the problem
before it even affected the rest of us!

Anyway, this guy wrote a book on mastering Google A dWords,
called "Google Money Pro".  I bought it and rea d it and I
was amazed at the material in it and how clear and easy to
follow it was.  It even ha d screenshots showing you what to
do.  It's so easy to understand that he basically takes you
by the hand and shows you everything.  I'm greedy so I'm not
going to share any of it, but feel fre e to check it out for
your self by clicking on the following link:


All the best, Mike

This could be the most valuable five minutes in 2007!

P.S. When you go to http://www.gpro.dusecrets.com

pay attention to how many people are using this system…
there are some incredible stories that you can learn a ton

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