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ANN: wxWidgets 2.8.10

Julian Smart
March 18th, 2009 -- the wxWidgets team is pleased to announce a new
wxWidgets release. wxWidgets is a mature, open source, cross-platform
application framework for C++ and other languages.

To get wxWidgets, please go to the download page at

This is mainly a bug fix release; please see the change log below for

wxWidgets 2.8.10 changes:


- wxHashMap::insert() doesn't update the value if it didn't insert the
  any more (Marcin Malich).
- Correct bug in wxTimeSpan::Format() for negative spans.
- Correct several bugs in wxList using end() iterators
- Added Vietnamese translation (Tran Ngoc Quan).
- Updated Slovenian translation (Martin Srebotnjak).
- Corrected Serbian locale name (Cody Precord).
- Fix wxURL::GetInputStream() for URLs with special characters in
  (Robert Wruck).
- Fix wxURI::GetUser() for URIs without password.
- Correct wxDateTime DST computation for 2006 and later (Christopher

All (GUI):

- wxRTC: fixed input that uses Alt on Mac OS X, for example Polish Pro
  Also fixed a bug whereby e.g. Croatian keys didn't work, by moving
more code
  to key down handler.
- wxRTC: fixed a problem with HTML list generation.
- wxRTC: no longer deletes a character when content is selected before
  pressing Delete.
- wxRTC: fixed inability to select no superscript and no subscript in
  formatting dialog.
- wxRTC: fixed centering and right-justification when combined with left
- wxRTC: fixed lack of right margin when centering or right-justifying.
- wxRTC: fixed wrong descent when wrapping lines with different font sizes.
- wxRTC: fixed wrapping problem for long lines.
- wxRTC: all buffer margins now respected.
- wxRTC: Added wxRE_CENTRE_CARET to centre the caret line vertically.
- Fixed wxHTML's pagebreaks computation in tables (D.J.Stauffer).
- Fixed wxHtmlWindow::SelectionToText() to correctly insert newlines after
  single-cell paragraphs.
- Fixed wxHTML's line breaks handling in <pre> blocks broken in 2.8.8
- wxHTML: don't include extra whitespace in table cells.
- Implemented wxWindow::DragAcceptFiles() on all platforms.
- Added wxAUI_MGR_LIVE_RESIZE flag to wxAuiManager and made it the
default on
  wxMac with CoreGraphics where sash drawing isn't implemented.
- Use bitmap mask in wxSplashScreen.
- Translate "(c)" and "(C)" to the real copyright sign in wxAboutBox.
- Fix painting of highlight border for merged cells in wxGrid (K. Jones).
- Fix handling of long lines in wxGridCellAutoWrapStringRenderer.

All (Unix):

- Return false from wxSingleInstanceChecker::IsAnotherRunning() if an error
  occurred while opening or reading the lock file (Lauri Nurmi).


- Fixed bug with using non default encoding in wxTextCtrl in ANSI build.
- Restored generation of events for accelerators when there is no menu bar.
- Fixed wxArtProvider::GetSizeHint() to return 16x16 for wxART_FRAME_ICON.
- Fixed toolbar buttons so that they don't disappear temporarily when
  if the event handler causes window update.
- Fix display enumeration under WinCE (Vince Harron).
- Fix best size calculation for wxNotebook with multiple rows (Alex
- Correct coordinates of wxDropFilesEvent (Dmitriy Maksimov).
- Fix handling of abandoned mutexes in wxMutex (David Heffernan).
- Avoid warnings about deprecated localtime with MSVC8/9 (Chris Stankevitz).
- Fixed invisible CHM tooltip text bug when window text colour is black.
- Automatically adjust toolbar's tool size if the provided bitmaps
  don't fit into the default size.
- Don't generate EVT_LISTBOX_DCLICK events with incorrect indices.
- Don't reuse the double click handled by activation event handler for
  the item in wxTreeCtrl.


- Don't hardcode the menu bar height (Michele Spighi).


- Fixed printing to use fonts sizes adjustment consistent with wxMSW.
- Make colours used by list, tree and status bar controls more
consistent with
  the system theme settings (Tim Kosse).
- Worked around bug in GTK+ < 2.14 where enabling some controls such
  as wxButton didn't re-enable sensitivity until the mouse was moved.


- Added implementation for wxSingleInstanceChecker contributed by Lauri

Julian Smart, Anthemion Software Ltd.
28/5 Gillespie Crescent, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH10 4HU | +44 (0)131 229 5306
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