ANN: wxWidgets 3.0.3 release

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ANN: wxWidgets 3.0.3 release

Vadim Zeitlin-4
May 2, 2017 -- The wxWidgets team is pleased to announce a
major new release of our open source framework for the development
of native cross-platform applications in C++.

wxWidgets 3.0.3 is a stable bug fix release in 3.0 branch and is
available at

Please choose the archive format suitable for your platform, i.e. 7z
or ZIP for Windows platforms and tar.bz2 for the Unix systems
including OS X (all archives contain sources for all wxWidgets ports
but they use different line endings) and follow the instructions in
readme.txt file for installing it. Notice that if you decide to use
the Windows installer (.exe file) you still need to build wxWidgets
as only sources, not binaries, are installed.

We also provide the pre-built versions of wxMSW libraries for the
selected compilers.

This is a bug fix release with no significant new features compared to
the previous 3.0.x releases and compatible with them at both the API
and the ABI level (i.e. all applications linked against earlier 3.0.x
DLLs or shared libraries will continue to work when using 3.0.3

The full list of changes in this release is available at

(starting from the line 583, or search for "3.0.3" in this file), here are
some selected ones:

* In all ports:
 - Support requestion modern (3.x+) OpenGL version in wxGLCanvas.
 - Fix using wxHTTP and wxFTP from worker thread.

* In wxGTK:
 - Support for Gstreamer 1.0 in wxMediaCtrl, in addition to obsolete 0.x.
 - Several fatal bug fixes for GTK+ 3.

* In wxMSW:
 - Build fixes for MinGW 4.9.
 - Improve wxSearchCtrl appearance.
 - Fix creating or modifying file associations under recent Windows versions.

* In wxOSX:
 - Build fixes for wxWebView and wxMediaCtrl when using 10.10 or later SDK.
 - Implement wxTE_{RIGHT,CENTER} support in multiline wxTextCtrl.
 - Generate wxEVT_TEXT_ENTER for wxTE_PASSWORD controls.
 - Fix handling of WXK_NUMPAD_ENTER.
 - Fix length of text in wxTextDataObject.
 - Fix wxDatePickerCtrl appearance.

If you are upgrading from wxWidgets 2.8 or earlier, please read the
"INCOMPATIBLE CHANGES" section in the beginning of this file and the
corresponding part of the manual at

We recommend that you upgrade to wxWidgets 3.0.3 if you already use an
earlier wxWidgets 3.0.x release, the upgrade is completely transparent
and doesn't require any changes in the existing code. If you are still
using wxWidgets 2.8 or earlier, please consider updating to wxWidgets
3.0 to profit from all the new functionality.

We hope that you will enjoy using the new release!

Vadim Zeitlin, on behalf of wxWidgets development team.

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