Announcing wxWPM 0.2: wxWidgets Package Manager

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Announcing wxWPM 0.2: wxWidgets Package Manager

f18m_cpp217828 (Bugzilla)
Hi all,
     I'm pleased to announce a new release of the wxWPM, the wxWidgets
package manager project.

What is it?

The wxWidgets Packager Manager project (wxWPM in short) provides the
tools to create and use a new format of source packages: the wxWidgets

The wxWidgets packages are simple compressed archives containing a WXP
(wxWidgets package descriptor file) which contains the info used by the
Package Manager to build (i.e. compile), install or uninstall the
package on the user's system using the build system of the packaged
software (e.g. bakefile or cmake).

The concept is very similar to the DevC++'s devpaks, but unlike them
wxWidgets packages are cross-platform and are completely abstracted from
the build system used by the packaged project.
They are aimed to make the software modular and easy reusable!

Packaging your software using the wxWidgets Packager GUI is extremely
easy; once you've filled in the fields, it will even help you to make
new releases of your software faster (creating the .zip and .tar.gz
archives automatically excluding unwanted files); you won't even need to
upload/distribute a new file as you can reuse your source releases (the
usual .zip, .tar.gz archives) as wxWidgets packages (just putting a
package descriptor inside them)!

What does it provide?

The wxWPM project provides three applications:

   1. a GUI Package Manager which can be used to browse remote
repositories of packages, download the selected packages, build them
using the user-specified configuration and finally install them.

   2. the wxWidgets GUI Packager: an intuitive tool which creates the
wxWidgets package descriptors (WXP) and will create the wxWidgets
compressed package.

   3. the third application is a command-line manager which provides all
functionalities of previous apps from command-line, allowing to e.g.
script the download and the installation of the latest version of your
favourite packages.

This project was initially sponsorised by Google in its Summer Of Code
2006, developed by Francesco Montorsi and mentored by Julian Smart.


To learn more about wxWPM:
wxWPM screenshots page:
wxWPM download page:

To learn about wxWidgets:

Feedback greatly appreciated !

Francesco Montorsi


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