Canada: 2008 Federal Government Employee File

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Canada: 2008 Federal Government Employee File


February 11, 2008 - client update

2008 Federal Government of Canada - Employee File

   key-words delivering - key government contacts


cut through the noise is the key-contact database for government markets in Canada.

 licensed government data. no personal information. no spam. data delivered electronically on time, in preferred format.  




office function, job title, department, salutation, first name, middle initial, 

last name, address1, address2, city, province, country, postal / zip code, phone, fax ___________________________________________________________________


sample functions 

accounting, acquisition, agriculture, assets,  audit, banking, budget, buyer, communications, computer, construction, data, edp, education, energy, environment, finance, health, human services, industry, information technology, investment, justice, lands & forests, legal, marketing, networks, management, mis, operations, purchasing, procurement, project management, safety compliance, emergency preparedness, research, security, software, telecommunications, transportation, training



full file contains 

14,228 definitive functions, 163 distinct departments, 34,307 specific job titles, 200,000 points-of-contact



one time use - pricing 

 minimum order 3,000 records

[$166.66 per thousand] - U.S./Canada - $ 500

includes: function, job title, department, first name, last name, address1, address2,


one year multiple use - pricing 

minimum order 3,000 records

 [$333.33 per thousand] - U.S./Canada - $ 1000

includes: function, job title, department, first name, last name, address1, address2, phone, fax



...fine tune your audience in a public sector world... 






Richard Furlong


National Government Market Services

Toronto, Canada

tel: 416.630.3679
email: richard[hidden email]



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