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Drag and drop window editing

Tim Burgess-5
Some members may recall me trying to improve my ability to control my UI layouts as a blind developer and I received a great deal of very useful help. I now use XRC and it’s certainly made a lot of things easier, but I still need to get some sighted help to validate the appearance of my designs. I have no problem with this, as it’s good quality assurance anyway, but my sighted help is not a programmer so I’m looking to make his life as easy as possible.

So far, we’ve tried wxCrafter and wxFormBuilder and, as far as we can tell, these tools don’t offer the facility to take an existing design and use a mouse to position and size controls as you might using Visual Studio. If I’m wrong about this,  could somebody please point me to resources that describe the method or to any tool that offers this facility?

Many thanks in advance.

best wishes.

Tim Burgess

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