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MPP Consultant UK
From: A. Huffard
MPP Consultant Limited LONDON
14 Westmead Road, Sutton,Surrey SM1 4LA
Tel: +44 70 45 75 89 66
Fax: +44 70 05 97 70 17
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Attn: CEO/President

My name is Huffard Anthony Esq, a private financial consultant for very eminent personnel's in the Africa and Middle East region. My client appointed me to source on his behalf a credible foreigner with whom he can jointly entrust a reasonable amount of money, which will be channeled into a highly lucrative business venture. He have US $ 9M (Nine  Million United States Dollars) already transferred to a financial Firm.

He request strict confidentiality due to his public nature, He prefer to be anonymous hence I have been given the mandate to source for some one of  high business experience with very good reputation.

This is the proposal in summary:

1.  My client was a top politician / government official in Middle East region he want the funds to be invested through a  well-established businessman abroad who can front for him without disclosing his true identity.
2.  All that is required is your willingness to invest this money for him in a highly lucrative business venture under strict profitable  monitoring.
3.  A power of attorney will be given to you to manage these funds on his behalf.
4. 25% commission paid to you upon receipt of the funds through the original sum to be transferred.

Please acknowledge receipt of this message in acceptance of our mutual business endeavor by furnishing me  with the following;

1.  Full name and address
2.  Direct Telephone and fax numbers
3.  Occupation and position
4.  Nationality and Date of birth


Anthony Huffard (President)
MPL Consultant Limited.
Tel: +44 70 45 75 89 66
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