Icon transparencies not changing correctly in wxListCtrl

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Icon transparencies not changing correctly in wxListCtrl

Hi.  I have a wxListCtrl and some icons that go on it.  In black view, they look fine.  But, in white, they have all this junk around the edges.  In Windows open file dialogs, they look fine, as well as in image editors in white background.  It's like wxWidgets isn't changing the edges accordingly as the background changes.  Here is an example of how it looks:


Here is the icon I use:


At first, I thought it might be Windows cause someone says my icon looks ok in their list control in Linux.  But, I have seen other programs in Windows using wxWidgets where the icons look ok even when you change the backgrounds.  It aliases the edges to match the background color better.  It appears my program isn't doing that for whatever reason.  I'm compiling with wxWidgets 2.8.10 and Visual Studio 2005.  Any ideas what could be wrong?