Nd by. "Dickering?" ejaculated Archie. "Jus' simon-pure dickeri

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Nd by. "Dickering?" ejaculated Archie. "Jus' simon-pure dickeri

S set up in Mrs. Skipper William's fish-stage. Billy Topsail--who had
never seen the like--stared open-mouthed at the operation. "We got to
_make_ 'em buy," Archie declared. "H-h-how?" Billy stammered. "We got to
make _'em want_ to," said Archie. "They'll trade if they want to." In
return Billy watched Archie scribble. "How's this?" Archie asked, at
last. Billy listened to the reading. "Will that fetch 'em aboard?"
Archie demanded, anxiously. "It would _my_ mother," said the astonished
Billy. "_I'd_ fetch her, bet yer life!" They laboriously set up the
handbill and triumphantly struck it off: kANDY FOR KIdS X Boys Gi_r_ls
and Ba_b_ies co_m_e Ab_o_ard the "sPOT CAsH" Yo_u_ Get Perfectly P_u_re
Pepper_m_int if yo_u_ bring yo_u_r :o: P_A_REnTS :o: _W_E LOVE K_I_Ds
KIdDIES A_N_D KiDLE_T_S _Topsail, Armstrong, Grimm & Co._ "That'll fetch
'em, all right!" Archie declared. "Now for the concert." Billy had
another shock of surprise. "Th-th _what_?" he ejaculated. "Concert,"
Archie replied. "You're going to sing, Billy." "Me!" poor Billy
exclaimed in large alarm. "And Skipper Bill is, too," Archie went on;
"and Bagg's going to double-shuffle, and Bobby North is going to shake
that hornpipe out of his feet, and Jimmie Grimm is going to recite
'Sailor Boy, Sailor Boy,' and I'm going to do a trifling littl

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