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Julian Smart <julian@...> writes:
> Great! Looking forward to your improvements.


I just commited the changes. I made all __SMARTPHONE__, __POCKETPC__ vs. 'rest
of the world' differences hidden now. I have also made recent Stefan' change
for choice dialog common so HIG rule for line separator is shared now between
all generic dialogs, hopefully it's good.

Since now instead of series of #ifdefs, it's enough to check result of
wxDialogBase::CreateButtonSizer for number of items included in returned sizer.
This sizer can include now line separator but default parameters of
CreateButtonSizer() allow behaviour compatible with old state.

For PocketPC wxButtons are avoided only if flags contain wxOK|wxCANCEL or wxOK.
Any other button flag means that user really wants real buttons. This change
influences wxPropertyDialog you introduced. Previously you have disabled any
other button silently. For now it's user choice, if he pass the flag, it means
he really wants this additional button. This case was presented in dialogs

If there is any new problem introduced with my changes, please let me know.


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