So great, that their lives are made miserable and unhappy. There are ot

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So great, that their lives are made miserable and unhappy. There are ot

Aggression, to rank itself with those who fight it?" And the effect of
riches upon the rich themselves is as bad as anything in modern life.
While it is true that there are among the rich many very good citizens,
it is also perfectly plain to any honest observer of conditions that
great riches are producing moral havoc and disaster among the princes of
wealth in this country. Mr. Carnegie has said that a man who dies rich
dies disgraced, but there is even greater reason to believe that to be
born rich is to be born damned. The inheritance of vast fortunes is
always demoralizing. What must the mind and soul of a woman be like who
takes her toy spaniel in state to the opera to hear Caruso sing, while,
in the same city, there are babies dying for lack of food? What are we
to think of the dog-dinne

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