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trailing events after popup close


I have a wxTextCtrl that shows a popup window when clicked (wxEVT_LEFT_UP).
In the popup window, I have a wxTreeCtrl where I bind
wxEVT_ITEM_ACTIVATED which updates the wxTextCtrl and closes the

The problem is that when I double click on an item, after the popup is
hidden with Dismiss(), there is a trailing event from the double
click, i.e. the wxEVT_LEFT_UP that is applied to the control right
below the mouse which opens its popup...

A minimal example provided attached to this message.
Click on the first control, double click on the first item, you can
see that it opens the second control popup.
On GTK, if I bind wxEVT_LEFT_DOWN, everything works fine but on MSW,
wxEVT_LEFT_DOWN is apparently not triggered so that I cannot open the



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