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%%, Please read the following with the utmost URGENCY!

You get emails every day, offering to show you how to make
Mone y. Most of these e-mails are from people who are NOT
making any Mone y, and/or aren't really Seriou s about the
business. And they expect you to listen to them?


If you want to make Mone y and utilize your computer, then
join a group that is actually DOING it. We are making a
continuing ("residual") income every month. What's more, I
will show YOU how to do the same thing.

Our business is done primarily through recommending our
travel services and business opportunit y to others ... those
who really want something more out of life, AND who are
willing to invest their time to achieve their goals.

if you can send e-mail and/or give someone your web site
a ddress you CAN DO THIS BUSINESS. We can set you up with a
web site FRE E for a week so you can "test" our business.
Don't take our word for it ... we WANT you to be CONVINCED!

No special skills are required...Just a willingness to
follow a SIMPLE SYSTEM that works.

I am not going to insult your intelligence by saying you can
sign up, do no work, and rake in the cas h. That kind of job
does not exist. But if you are willing to integrate this
into your daily/weekly schedule, this might be just the
thing you are looking for.

I consider my job to be that of a "sorter." I meet people;
find out what they do, where they currently are in their
lives, and where they want to go.

It's pretty simple: I let technology save me a lot of time
by letting my website professionally share this opportunit y
with others, then sort them into one of two categories:
either "Yes, I'm interested," or "No thanks, not at this
time." It REALLY is that easy! There are A LOT of people out
there. It's just finding the right ones.

Because of the economic uncertainties of our times, company
layoffs and downsizing, or filing Chapter 11, lying about
their financials and doing away with pension and
profit-sharing plans, there are A LOT of people like you who
are extremely nervous, concerned, and worried about their
futures. They are tired of the politics, not being in
control, or not knoWi ng what lies ahea d in their future.
They are frustrated and unhappy. I simply offer these kinds
of people a better way to achieve their goals with no risk.

I invite you to go to my http://www.ducostal.com

And complete the survey. If this isn't for you, I promise I
won't hound you, as I only have time to spend with people
who are really Seriou s about creating a better life...the
"life of their dreams. My website will introduce you to the
ability to travel for pennies on the dollar AND show you a
business model alternative that can help you have more of
whatever is most important to you in life.

Looking forward to hearing from you!




P.S. It's a known fact that US tax laws favor business
owners. That's why hom e-based businesses are exploding...not
only in the US but in many countries around the globe! The
tax benefits alone make it worthwhile to start your own
hom e-based business now.

Taxes are the FIRST item deducted from people who Wor k for
wages or a salary. Taxes are the LAST item deducted from the
income of hom e-based business owners.

did you know that the average American who reaches age
50 has a net worth of ZERO, yet has paid over  $500,000 in
taxes during his or her lifetime?

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