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wxAui notebook docking and cross hint


Hi guys,


I would like to ask some questions regarding Aui manager.


1)    I found some patch to "dynamic notebook" and i used it for wx 3.1.1 with some minor changes. It is really old patch so i would prefer some better version. Will there be new version of patch for automatic docking panes into notebook ? (docking pane into pane -> create notebook).


2)    Will there be new version of wxWidgets with this functionality ? (i read alot of stuff from mailing list and forums but i tis still not clear to me :) ) I tried also some new wxWidgets 3.1.2 with branch newWxAui but i did not find simillar function here.


3)    I would love to have "docking cross of icons" as hint when docking. Problem is that i dont know how properly namet this function and olso i did not find any implementation of this in wxWidgets in c++. I tried also wxPython and there was the function in demo application. Is there some plans also for adding this functionality ?


Thank you so much for help in advance.



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